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Youth Yoga

Benefits of Yoga for Children and Adolescents

Yoga for children and adolescents can have a positive impact on children’s well-being in many ways. Yoga helps to cope with anxiety. Learning breathing exercises and relaxation techniques helps with stress management. Yoga increases emotional regulation by teaching children and adolescents to be in the present moment while in a peaceful state of mind, thus improving regulation. Youth build self-esteem while working on poses. A child's or adolescent's balance and flexibility are also enhanced through the practice of yoga.


Yoga plays a huge role on improving one's body awareness: 

  • Yoga may boost a youth’s self-esteem. Attempting a pose or improving balance and flexibility can give youth a sense of personal empowerment.

  • Yoga may increase a youth’s body awareness and mindfulness. Working through a variety of yoga poses helps youth learn about their bodies.

  • Yoga may enhance youth’s concentration and memory. One of the top benefits of child/adolescent yoga is that the different types of moves requires focus and also impacts their memorization skills—both of which strengthens cognitive muscles. 

  • Yoga may develop a youth’s strength and flexibility. Yoga helps to add strength and helps improve flexibility.

  • Yoga teaches discipline as individuals improve clearing their minds and perfecting their poses, which may also impact impulsivity. 

  • Guiding youth through ways to reduce stress in a healthy way is an important life skill that will help throughout one's life span. 

Classes will be added soon. 

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