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Sport/Performance Psychology


  • I have an extensive background in the world of sports and I am currently under a mentor and receiving training that will help me to obtain a certification as a Sport Psychology Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). As a Sport/Performanc Consultant, I understand the significance to perform at one's best and to maximize their abilities.

  • I have a particular interest in working with injured athletes as they recover and manage the psychological aspects that accompany injury. 

  • Services may include individual, group, or team sessions. Clients may range from youth to elite athletes struggling psychologically.

  • The following skills/services may be utilized:

              Cognitive restructuring                         Rehabilitation after injury

              Thought stopping                                  Performance routines

              Confidence training                              Motivation

              Relaxation training                               Fostering team cohesion 

              Coping skills training                           Focus/re-focus training

              Goal setting                                          Imagery/Visualization

              Relaxation/Activation                          Improved social support 

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